Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

Our company’s code of ethics and business conduct outlines our expectations regarding the behavior of our employees towards other members, advertisers, partners, stakeholders, and community. The AFRO continues to value its role of providing a voice to the African American community.

Our company stands for the core values of synergy, honesty, and integrity. As such, we expect all organization members to be directed by the same values in their judgment and behavior.

Open communication and expression should be guided by the desire for a respectful, safe, and collaborative working environment.


This policy applies to all organizational members regardless of rank or employment type.

Compliance with law

Employees must work to protect the company and its legal interests by complying with all environmental, trading, safety, and privacy laws.

Safety in the working environment

All employees should respect their colleagues, supervisors, and customers. Any discriminatory behavior or harassment will not be tolerated.


Employees must show integrity and professionalism in every aspect of conduct, including matters involving absenteeism, tardiness, and dress code compliance. Personal appearance should project the company’s commitment to professionalism.


All employees should fulfill their work with integrity and respect toward our stakeholders. Members are discouraged from accepting gifts from clients, or partners for the benefit of another party. We are all expected to avoid any personal, financial or other interests that may interfere with the quality of work.

Care for the physical environment

Employees should treat company property and their physical environment with respect and care.

Disciplinary Actions

Employees who repeatedly or deliberately fail to follow our code of conduct will meet an appropriate disciplinary action.

Following a clear warning, employees who persistently show indecorous behavior may face demotion, reprimand, detraction of benefits, suspension, or termination.

Legal actions may be taken in cases of theft, embezzlement, corruption, and other unlawful actions.

AFRO Corrections Policy

AFRO corrects significant errors in broadcast, print and digital coverage. Corrections of errors will be made in print and on the website. To report an error, please use send an email to with your first name, last name, email address, phone number, name of article or broadcast with description of error to be corrected.

Ownership & Funding Information

The AFRO is committed to transparency in our ownership structure and funding sources. We cite potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the relevant work.

We are a media group the Afro American Co. of Baltimore City, Inc. dba the AFRO-American Newspaper. Our decisions must take into account that we are a for profit organization and decisions are made based on the long-term value for our shareholders. Our mission is to promote history and to keep past stories alive with an interested and engaged audience.

We were founded in 1892.

We serve a community dedicated to promoting and preserving the voice of the African American community.

We have a full-time core editorial staff but work with many freelance reporters and guest editors and writers.