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BALTIMORE – April 28, 2023 – PRLog — Afro American Newspapers and STEM City USA have made history by hosting the third annual Black Business Matters EXPO on the STEM City USA platform. The virtual event platform incorporated content from The AFRO in the lobby and featured live and pre-recorded seminars from the Linda Gooden Building’s auditorium.

STEM City USA CEO, Tyrone Taborn, expressed his excitement about providing an innovative and engaging platform to facilitate a virtual conference accessible to a global audience. “Our virtual platform allowed attendees to experience the expo in a new way, with interactive features that promote engagement and collaboration,” he said.

Dr. Toni Draper, Publisher Afro, and Tyrone Taborn. (Courtesy photo)

The Black Business Matters EXPO brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers annually to discuss issues affecting the Black community. This year’s expo focused on the theme “Closing the Divide: Work. Wages. Wealth.”

Dr. Frances Draper, CEO and Publisher of The AFRO, expressed her enthusiasm for partnering with STEM City USA to bring the expo to a wider audience. “The virtual platform allowed The AFRO to reach attendees who may not have been able to attend in person, and STEM City USA enhanced the expo experience,” she said.

The virtual event platform featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the STEM City USA Metaverse, a virtual world where they interacted with other attendees and participated in STEM-themed activities. The event provided an inclusive and accessible experience for all attendees.

Afro American Newspapers and STEM City USA are committed to advancing STEM education, research, and entrepreneurship and are proud to have made history by hosting the first major marketing event on the STEM City USA platform.

Replays of the EXPO can be found on our YouTube page and the EXPO recap from Business Reporter, Megan Sayles can read here!

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