In addition to being an AFRO columnist and talk show host, Dr. Kaye is an associate professor of communication and African American studies. (Courtesy photo)

By AFRO Staff

The Baltimore Business Journal has announced the recipients of the 2021 Leaders in Diversity Awards. Among the big winners was none other than AFRO columnist Dr. Kaye Whitehead. Additionally, her radio show, “Today with Dr. Kaye,” won the Edward R. Murrow Regional Award in its inaugural category, Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for outstanding advocacy journalism tackling the topic of diversity, racial injustice and inequality. Her winning episode “Not Again!: Baltimore Uprising 2.0,” was a special show that aired after the murder of George Floyd last May.  

“My Nana once told me, after she tried to vote and was met (again) by threats of violence from White men who meant to do her harm, that when she showed up to vote she was not doing it for herself or for my mother, but she was doing it for us, the children of her children. That is how I feel at this moment. I am humbled and very grateful to be recognized but I know that the work that I do in my column, on my radio show and through the Karson Institute to directly confront racism, White supremacy and social injustice is not for me. I am doing it for the children of my children. My hope is that my push to radically transform the world will make the road that they will someday walk, rise up to meet them,” Dr. Kaye told the AFRO.