The AFRO social columnist has been an integral part in the newspaper’s success since it’s rise to dominance in the 1930’s, and the social columnist still plays an important role in the AFRO’s pages in 2019. For more than a decade Valerie Fraling, author of “Living For the Weekend,” has continued that tradition. Recently, Fraling made the decision to step away as an AFRO columnist after more than 10 years.

AFRO social columnist Valerie Fraling. (Courtesy Photo)

“It’s (society column) always been a very important category for the AFRO readership. Val stepped in and filled that void,” said John “Jake” Oliver, AFRO Publisher Emeritus. “She provided the content and provided the news…she’ll be sorely missed,” Oliver added. The AFRO wishes Valarie Fraling all the best in her future endeavors.