Columbus, OH ( — Those who enjoy the spoken word and appreciate fine art, can now look forward to a new exciting literary artistic journey and adventure as author and artist Lisa M. Cliff presents An Umbrella In Case of Rain: Art and Poetry for the Soul Vol. 1, an amalgam of meaningful poems and creative images.

This book is a collection of uplifting art images and poetry meant to inspire the mind and stir the soul. Each warm and colorful image is coupled with a companion poem adding richness to the visual experience. Heartfelt poetry and art infused with positive energy that encourages readers to dare to dream big and live life out loud.

“No longer taking life by chance, no longer a victim of circumstance,” says the poet. She asks the reader to assume control of their own destiny by listening to and trusting in their own intuition, as well as encouraging the reader to follow one’s dreams by walking by faith, not by sight.

Cliff, a former 20-year executive of one of the top southern food brands, Glory Foods, offers An Umbrella in Case of Rain as an inspirational example of truly taking a leap of faith, offering pearls of wisdom on navigating life’s rough terrain.

She encourages other women, while pursuing the corporate fast track, to remember the importance of also nourishing one’s creative side, through writing, painting, performing or doing whatever makes the heart sing. Cliff says “that achieving real success” means to find the balance between work, life, family and creative self expression.”

Filled with inspiration and wonderful insight, this book will take readers on a memorable lyrical ride – an amazing poetic adventure they will cherish.

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An Umbrella In Case of Rain * by Lisa M. Cliff
Art and Poetry for the Soul Vol. 1
Full color Picture Book; soft cover $29.99 – 58 pages; 978-1-4653-7006-8
Picture Book Hardcover; $39.99 – 58 pages; 978-1-4653-7007-5