Some people don’t take losing very well.

On Oct. 22, after President Obama emerged as the decisive winner of the third and final presidential debate, columnist Ann Coulter, Republican candidate Mitt Romney supporter, was reduced to slinging insults, calling the president a “retard.”

“I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard,” she tweeted after the debate.

Coulter’s statements were met with overwhelming censure from people on Twitter, who called the statements “offensive”, “despicable,” and “beneath contempt.”

“Are you out of your f–king mind? What do you gain from spewing hate and bile?” user Brandon Patrick tweeted.

Black actress Holly Robinson Peete was more succinct. “Pathetic,” she said of Coulter’s posting.

The conservative provocateur seemed unfazed, however. On Oct. 23, she hit the “retard” button again, tweeting, “Obama: ‘Stage 3 Romneysia’ – because cancer references are HILARIOUS. If he’s ‘the smartest guy in the room’ it must be one retarded room.”

Twitter users lambasted her as “stupid” for mixing up the conditions of amnesia (“Romneysia”) and cancer.

“You’re never going to be as controversial as you’re shooting for until you stop being so f–king stupid,” user called Steve Calderon tweeted.

But they also denounced her for being insensitive to the mentally disabled.

“Ann Coulter insults disabled, their families, friends our Pres,” Suzi Kaplan commented.

Coulter’s reaction was not unexpected, as she is one of the president’s more vitriolic detractors. Political pundits say Obama was much more confident and aggressive in the foreign policy-themed debate, while Romney seemed more diffident, agreeing with many of the president’s stances.

Voters, too, overwhelmingly labeled President Obama the debate’s victor. In a CBS News poll of 500 uncommitted voters, 53 percent gave the nod to President Obama; 23 percent said Romney won and 24 percent felt the debate was a tie.