On probation for a 2008 forgery charge related to conducting buttocks-injections on three women that left them with kidney failure, Lauretta Cheek, 42, was arrested Dec. 8 for doing it again.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Cheek was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license for allegedly injecting a substance that was supposed to be an enhancer, into the buttocks of an exotic dancer. She was released on her written promise to appear in court.

Guilford County, N.C. Sheriff’s Det. Craig Cotton told the AP the dancer from Charlotte, N.C. allegedly met Cheek in a hotel room, paying $500 for the injection.

He added that whatever the substance was, it did not react well with the dancer. “It appears that the substance that was injected into her basically burned its way back out,” the detective told the AP. “It’s not just one big spot. Being a liquid or gel-type of material, it kind of went in different directions and obviously got infected and left pretty significant scarring.”

According to a madamenoire.com, the substance Cheek used in the 2008 incident likely contained fertility drugs. Her plea agreement in that case included closing a spa she owned and refraining from performing medical procedures. A conviction on this new charge would put her in violation of the first agreement.

The arrest marked the latest in a series of black market attempts by non-medical doctors to perform medical procedures to alter, or enhance, physical appearances. A month ago, a transgender self-styled medical technician was arrested in Florida following police investigations of attempts at body part enhancing using substances including cement and tires sealant that allegedly resulted in illness and disfiguration.

The arrest was reported in the AFRO Dec.

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