Tim Lacy

A few days ago, my wife informed me that there was a text message waiting for me.  Now, I have mentioned in the past that I am techno stupid, and my friends know I don’t text.  However, since the only way I would be able to respond to a text from the Draft Board would be in a wheel chair, I didn’t hesitate to open and read my text.  It was from my cousin Charleen Horton, whom I see once a year at the family reunion.  She wanted to reach out and tell me how much she related to my column “Fall from Grace,” in which I addressed the plight of Adrian Peterson after he took a switch to his son’s behind.  She reminded me that when she was a youngster and went into her mischief mode, making people around her think she must have bumped her head, her mom put so much heat on her butt it set off alarms in fire stations for miles.  I am sure some of you have similar stories.

However, I am going to borrow words from an old song where they emphasize the phrase “accentuate the positive.”

A Seattle Seahawks fan fell just short of calling Cam Newton an unpleasant name after his beat down of the Seahawks.  I like the Seahawks too, and my wife has adopted Russell Wilson.  And, I can remember some Seahawks celebrations that didn’t get close to bringing joy to a kid in the stands. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because the talking heads as well as some of the fans have been critical of Cam ever since he strapped on cleats and donned an NFL uniform.  Now there is whispered talk of him being the League MVP.

This reminds me of the same old crap LeBron James had to go through when he was in Cleveland the first time.  The talk was, “LeBron can’t win a championship.” This used to get my skivvies in a bunch because these same people couldn’t name three of the starting five playing with LeBron.  Then, when LeBron left Cleveland to try and build his legacy, the negative floodgates opened.  When he joined the boys in South Beach and started winning championships, a lot of typewriters were silenced.

Now he is being touted as one of the greatest of all time.

The negativity sells papers and the positivity gets a blurb that is missed if you blink.  A bunch of players gave out over a million gallons of water to a depressed town suffering from a poisoned river.  If you blinked, you missed it.

Although as a member of the sports media I am compelled to remain neutral, as a D.C. native I can’t help but be a Dallas Cowboy hater.  My cousin Douglas loves the Cowboys.  He bleeds blue and silver.  When, after taking a beat down, Tony Romo got out of his car in the driving rain and changed a tire for an old couple, I called Douglas to give Romo a “Thatta Boy” and found out if I had blinked, I would have missed it.

There are hundreds of similar stories that get no spotlight but just a quick mention and on to the dirt.

For the Seahawks fan who wants to dog Cam Newton, take a stroll through Google and check out his charity work.  Accentuate the positive.