If you are a reader of this space, you may recall a piece I did on Jordan Marie.  Jordan is the female of a boy-girl twin set.  She started the first six months of her life connected to tubes in the hospital.  The prognosis for her living a normal life was dim, but as time passed she overcame all obstacles.  Jordan and her twin, John, and 10-month-older sister Madison have compiled some impressive accomplishments in the field of athletics

One of the most depressing things coming from the doctors was the fact that Jordan would face mobility challenges.  This conjures up thoughts of wheelchairs and other medical aids.  With God’s blessing and encouragement from family and friends, Jordan has put together quite a résumé in track and field.  She recently competed in a 5-mile run in Pennsylvania.  In a field of much more than 1,000 adults, she managed to average 7-minute miles and finished in the top 50.  Most of us couldn’t average 7-minute miles in a car in that kind of crowd.

I mentioned before that all three are involved in two sports.  Basketball is the common denominator, but they each have a second sport.  Madison was a member of a basketball team that wasn’t doing so well.  Then one day they were missing a member.  Her father, David, recruited Jordan (who was sitting in the stands), and a whole new dynamic was born. When the sisters hit the court, it was with blazing speed and the fast break took on a new dimension.

On her own, Madison joined a swim team.  She swims the 50-meter free style, 25-meter butterfly, 50-meter breast stroke and 100-meter individual medley.  I am not going to say she is fast, but break out a loincloth and she is ready to co-star in a Tarzan movie.  Michael Phelps, hold on to your swim trunks because Maddie is coming.

John selected baseball as his second endeavor.  He dropped some very strong hints that he wanted my spouse and I to come to a game.  I threw a folding chair in the car, and we showed up ready to cheer.  I uttered a silent prayer that he would do well, but was determined to support him either way. I started to feel a little anxiety when John stepped into the batter’s box, but I relaxed when the opposing coach came out of the dugout and shouted two words to his outfielders, “Back up!”

These are our surrogate grandkids, and my wife and I are planning to compile some frequent flyer miles chasing our scholar athletes all over the country when the college recruiters take them away in different directions.