ANTHRÔP 8 is Coming Home to Baltimore!!! 

Milestone film documents Baltimore’s emerging presence as a sustainable fashion hub 

Bonneau Caprece LLC presents a special screening and virtual streaming of ANTHRÔP 8 for Baltimore, on Facebook LIVE, Saturday, October 24, 2020, 4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m. 

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Sponsors include: the Baltimore Office of Promotions & the Arts’ annual FREE FALL BALTIMORE Initiative, MICA’s Natural Dye Initiative, greiBO, and Sustainable Fashion Week US 

Baltimore MD–A nexus moment in the evolution of Baltimore’s most recent incarnation, as a garment making industry pulse point, is in progress, as the global Fashion industry pivots from an imploding, waste heavy, overproduction, sweatshop manufacturing retail system; to an ethically-conscious, sustainable, small batch model that is slowing down the industry’s toxic impact on Earth, and impoverished, marginalized communities around the world. 

ANTHRÔP 8, a :45 minute fashion film documentary, features engaging interviews with eight bright stars representing the emerging world of Baltimore’s Sustainable Fashion Community, who are introducing Baltimore residents to the culture and perspective of this emerging genre, as they shape its newfound sub-set categories: Upcycling, Wearable Art, Zero Waste Conceptual Design, and Curated Vintage; through ethical construction standards and sustainable embellishing techniques. ANTHRÔP 8″ premiered during the virtual launch of “Sustainable Fashion Week” for the first virtual New York Fashion Week held on September 11-16, 2020. 

ANTHRÔP 8 featured Sustainable Talent, include: 6-DESIGNERS | Akos for Regal Clothes, Antoinella Peterkin for Queen Tu, Brandi Lewis for Syeko Design House, Dawn H. Harrell, Jordan Matthews for Swank World, and Sehar Peerzada; 1-VINTAGE CURATOR | Danyelle “Danny” Williams for Illicit Vintage; and 1-NATURAL DYE ARTISTE | Kenya Miles, founder and owner of Blue Light Junction, Baltimore’s 1st ever Natural Dye Studio & Dye Garden.