A recent New York Times story highlighted how several apartment complexes marketed to low-income families in several parts of the country, including Maryland, owned by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Donald Trump, were being neglected. The below article details how housing racial bias charges were being leveled against Trump properties as far back as 1973.

Nov. 10, 1973

WASHINGTON-The Justice Department has brought its second major suit in New York charging discrimination against blacks in apartment rentals.

Stanley Pottinger, assistant attorney general in charge of the department’s civil rights division, said the government was seeking against the Trump management Corp., a large apartment owner and real estate management firm, to prohibit it from continuing alleged discrimination in its more than 14,000 apartments in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

The apartments average $250 a month for one-bedroom units and $290 for two bedrooms.

The government’s suit charges that the corporation has required different rental terms and conditions because of race and has misrepresented to blacks that apartments are not available.

Donald Trump, president of the company, called the charges “absolutely ridiculous.”

Previously the Justice Department had brought bias charges against the Samuel J. Lefrak organization, one of the country’s largest builders, charging racial discrimination in the rental of 21,000 Lefrak controlled apartments in Brooklyn and Queens.