A recent graduate is suing her Arkansas high school after she claims that she maintained the school’s highest grade point average but was not permitted to be her class’ valedictorian because she is Black.

According to Courthouse News Service, 18-year-old Kymberly Wimberly said she had the highest G.P.A. at McGehee High in Arkansas and was enrolled in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. But she said the school refused to let her be her class’ valedictorian because she was Black, and instead granted the title to a White student with a lower G.P.A.

Wimberly claims she found out that she had the highest grade point average through a school counselor. The salutatorian spot was also given to a White student.

Wimberly’s mother, Molly Bratton, who works as a media specialist at the school, said she later overheard staffers say it would be a “big mess” if her daughter was the school’s valedictorian.

Bratton took the issue to the school board, but claims they said she had filled out the wrong complaint forms. Thomas Gathen, the school’s superintendent, said he could not repeal the decision until June 28, but graduation was held on May 13.

McGehee High, which is about two hours outside of Little Rock, is predominately White, and has an African-American population of 46 percent. The last time the school had a Black valedictorian was in 1989.

John Walker, the teen’s attorney, said discrimination is still prevalent in the school.

“There’s a history of oppression where people don’t speak up for themselves,” Walker told ABC News. “White students are elevated ahead of Black students in order to allow that position to be maintained by White students.”

Wimberly’s mother said Black students are discouraged from taking honor courses, and administrators tell them the classes are “too hard.”

Wimberly will attend the University of Arkansas in the Fall, but wants to make sure the issue is resolved and will not happen again. She is seeking punitive damages and wants the school to change its records to cite her as the valedictorian of the class of 2011.