The historic Atlas Performing Arts Center located in the H Street Corridor in Washington, DC is a leader in presenting arts of the now.  A nonprofit organization, Atlas nurtures diverse artists, leverages partnerships to explore current issues, and promotes a passion for the arts. They believe the arts are essential for an inclusive and just society and model respect, creativity, and leadership. They’re committed to presenting local artists and are looking forward to planning the 2023-2024 season. 

Originally, the Atlas was a movie theater in the 30’s but fell into disrepair after the 1968 riots that ravaged the region. 33 years the Atlas stood empty. Then, in 2006 with the help of founder Jane Lang, the Atlas returned as a performing arts center and was the catalyst in the rebuilding of H Street NE.  

The Atlas produces several festivals and fosters talent through our incubation program Atlas Arts Lab. We asked Christopher Prince, an Atlas Arts Lab artist, why he supports the Atlas, and here’s what he had to say. I value Atlas’s mission of creating a space where the ideas and issues of our day are explored.  My work as a writer is often laced with political and social commentary.   We are living in a period of transition. I believe art can help provide context, distill emotions, and provide a path for empathy. It is a nurturing experience to partner with an institution that shares these values.” Applications are now open for our next cohort of artists in the Atlas Arts Lab, where you’ll receive free rehearsal space, a stipend, and will be presented in an evening-length work. Applications are now open for the 14th Annual Intersections Festival, a multicultural, multidisciplinary performing arts festival, which features dance, film, music, word, and more. The Intersections Festival will take place in March of 2024. Winterfest will be presented this December in time to celebrate the season. We’re looking for holiday-themed performances that help spread hope, peace, and love.  There are numerous ways to be presented at the Atlas – apply today! 

We’re also looking for young folks to participate in our City at Peace program. City at Peace is a youth development program rooted in social justice for teens and young adults ages 14-24, which provides a safe, collaborative, and nurturing space where they can examine issues of our time. City at Peace uses performing arts as a learning tool to develop skills in dance, theatre, voice, and stage production, as well as skills in conflict resolution, personal storytelling, empathy, understanding, and leadership. Participation is free and cast members receive community service hours. 

Apply for the program online at