Title: The New You Revolution: A 40 Day Journey to Discovering and Becoming the New YouAuthor: Latoya A. Benson
Release Date: July 19, 2014

Latoya A. Benson is a visionary by design. She has a passion to empower women to not just recognize their full potential but to reach it. As an influential woman, Latoya walks in a distinguished reputation as a catalyst seeking change and is the voice of hope to present generations and those to come.

She initiates strategic forums, conferences and summits geared toward inner healing, self-discovery in God, walking in vision and thriving in business as a woman. She believes that good things come to those who wait but GREAT things come to those who GO GET IT!

Latoya is the CEO of Inner Visions Creative Enterprises, which is the home of Kingdom Voices Magazine Online, Beyond the Surface Ministries, and Inner Visions Professional Vision Consulting Services. She is a woman of God, mother of two, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

What was the impetus for writing this book?
Wow. This book is birthed out of my own journey from transition to transformation. While going through separation and divorce, I embarked on a 40 day spiritual journey. At the time, I didn’t know what the 40 days was all about but I knew it was something powerful that would transform my life. I was fully present in the moment and was willing to do the work to rediscover my hidden treasure. The 40 Day Journey is not something that I saw from afar but it is what I lived.

What’s the overall theme?
The overall theme of this book is to empower women to embark on a journey to transformation and wholeness. It is a spiritual guide to empower women to BECOME and LIVE! The New You Revolution is not just a book but a lifestyle brand and a social change initiative. It is about creating a culture among women that personifies who they are and empowers a bold and confident expression through the fulfillment of purpose. This global lifestyle brand will reach beyond age, race, and economic status and cultivate something much bigger…authenticity and self-worth. It will inspire women to embrace their femininity, uniqueness, strengths, and weaknesses as they evolve into the total woman.

What surprised you about the development of the book?
Since the book is a daily read, I was surprised at how each day progressed into a deeper discovering of self. I also was pleasantly surprised at how it continued to be thought-provoking throughout the entire book.

For what audience is your book written?
This book is for ALL women. The everyday woman, which includes the career woman, the single woman, the married woman, the divorced woman, the widowed woman and the minister. I believe that if we go beyond our various titles, roles, and responsibilities that at the end of the day we are at the core, everyday women. I believe that we will transformation evolves and we will continue to grow and develop into who we were created to be. The New You Revoution reaches beyond age because I believe that you can transform at any age!

What one thing do you want the reader to remember forever?
I would want the reader to remember that we all are created to LIVE and WIN. That our journey is comprised of our mistakes, bad decisions, hurtful experiences, lessons, victories, and triumphs. The pieces of you are relevant and they have made you RESILIENT. No matter what you win so continue to transform!

Any advice for aspiring writers?
JUST DO IT! I didn’t dream about being a writer. It was something that came along during my journey. So I had to remove all fear of failure and I just did it! I would also advise the aspiring writer to know their audience and write from an authentic and pure place because people like to connect to something real.

What’s next on the horizon for you?
Wow. Right now I’m going to continue to develop my online magazine, consulting company and ministry. I also plan to launch a book tour really soon so I am excited about that!