The Rev. Carl L. Washington Sr., founding pastor, St. Timothy’s Christiann Baptist Church. (Courtesy Photo)

New York, NY (Wednesday, September 23, 2020) Four-time Emmy Award winning journalist Mara Schiavocampo, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Wesley Lowery, and former magazine editor and sportswriter Keith Reed have announced the launch of a news and social justice podcast entitled Run Tell This. The weekly podcast combines unimpeachable journalistic integrity with the life experience of being young and Black in America while providing a fresh and unvarnished analysis of the most important news and culture stories of the day.

“The news often feels like an overwhelming firehouse of information,” says Wesley Lowery. “I’m looking forward to getting together once a week with smart friends to talk through the headlines and make sense of the chaos.”

Run Tell This will also welcome guests from the worlds of journalism, politics, sports, entertainment, and law. The premier episode takes an in-depth look at Louisville, Kentucky bracing for a grand jury decision about the cops who killed Breonna Taylor. The first guest is veteran journalist and media strategist Goldie Taylor and upcoming guests include Soledad O’Brien among others.

“These are the conversations Black journalists are having amongst themselves every day,” says Schiavocampo.

“We’re inviting our audience into the conversations we have with each other after work, when the camera’s not on,” adds Reed. “And were doing it at a time when Black culture and Black lives are centered in the national discussion.”

Run Tell This is an independent production from Executive Producer Mara Schiavocampo and Mara Scampo, Inc. Mara Scampo Inc. also co-produces the beauty and wellness podcast The Trend Reporter with iHeart Media, which peaked at #1 on the iTunes charts and has seen more than and 75k downloads since launching in May.

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