LEGACY! Card Game (Courtesy Photo via Kickstarter)

By AFRO Staff

Growing up as the youngest of eight children in the Bronx, N.Y., Ruby L. Taylor remembers being anxious about the family’s finances. 

“As a Black woman, I grew up worrying about money. If my dad lost his job, what would happen to us and our home? Family members relied on my parents for help, but I knew we had nobody to help us if we needed it,” she said in a statement.

Working as a social worker, Taylor saw her story replicated many times over, and realized how important it was to teach Black and Brown children how to build and manage their finances.

That is why the Howard University alumna has created Legacy! Card Game, a fun interactive way for children of color and their families to be exposed to new financial concepts and career paths and how their choices in those regards can impact generational wealth building.

“As a school social worker, I watched my students choose their career paths. However, when the careers in your community keep you near or below the poverty line, you’ll never know you need to dream of or work for something more,” Taylor said.

“That’s why I’ve created LEGACY, an interactive game that teaches families how career and financial choices impact wealth, longevity and their legacy, lessons that I wish every family had access to.”

Now living in Baltimore with her partner and two children, and having survived traumatic brain injury, Taylor is determined to do her part to help others overcome their challenges just as she did.

To find out more about Legacy! Card Game, visit, https://legacycardgame.com