Dec. 5, Baltimore City Police announced a new public enemy #1. The suspect is wanted in the stabbing death of a 73-year old man in broad daylight.

Public Enemy is identified as 19-year old Christopher Straham, of the 600 block of North East Street. He is 5-foot-7 and 145 pounds. Christopher has facial tattoo’s including a heart and the initials “CS.”

19-year old Christopher Straham. (Baltimore City Police Department)

19-year old Christopher Straham. (Baltimore City Police Department)

Police say the victim has not yet been identified and may have been homeless. According to police, next of kin has been hard to identify and contact.

The attack happened near Pulaski Highway and N. Highland Avenue around 4 p.m. on Dec. 2. The crime was caught on surveillance video, and it shows the victim trying to fight the suspect off with his cane as he’s tackled and repeatedly stabbed.

Police believe the altercation started inside the Popeye’s restaurant. Investigators say Straham saw the victim had money and tried to rob him.

“If you see a guy with two Band-Aids or his face who looks like this, that could be our guy,” said T.J. Smith, Baltimore City Police Spokesman at a presser to announce the want for the suspect.

People in the neighborhood have said that they’ve seen Straham in the area before.

Police want to find Straham before he hurts anyone else.

“Someone who does what he did is someone without a conscience and someone who will do it again,” BPD Commissioner Kevin Davis said at this morning’s press conference.

Police are urging anyone that knows Christopher Straham’s whereabouts to call police or call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-877-7 LOCKUP.