The Rev. Medgar L. Reid, DD, CCIF recently graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine’s Successful Aging Fellowship Program. His work focused on the expansion of neurocognitive capacity and brain health through spiritual mindfulness, forgiveness and gratefulness therapy and the blessings of creative visualization in storytelling. Dr. VJ Periyakoil, director, Palliative Care Education and Training said, “Pastor Reid’s project is amazing and so vital in bringing new knowledge about how best to support persons with neurocognitive problems. I hope you will continue to forge your path as a global leader in aging and end of life care for diverse populations.”

Pastor Reid has over 25,000 hours as a Professional Chaplain providing emotional and spiritual support with the sick, traumatized, terminally ill and their families. As a service-connected disabled Marine veteran, he has empathy with the thousands he has ministered to who are going through physical, emotional, financial, mental and behavioral challenges. He currently serves as Director of Spiritual Care Services at Keswick Multicare Center, senior pastor of Open Secret Community Church and consultant to a network of businesses with a global footprint throughout 212 countries in a $20 trillion industry according to the Feb 13 edition of The Economist Magazine. If you would like to volunteer your time, talent or treasure, the church website is

Pastor Reid said he is excited “about being able to apply my new knowledge, skills and abilities to assist in expanding neurocognitive and mental tranquil capacities through mindful spirituality for everybody.” His church website is