Trouble is a phenomenon that finds everyone, but it has a beginning and an ending. That’s the message the Rev. Dr. Dana Neal posits in her new book, “Released in the Spirit,” hot off the presses for those who are pressed.

“I just want people to know that there is deliverance, deliverance from pain, deliverance from bondage,” Neal said. “Hurting people need to know there’s an end to their pain.”

Her message is neatly packaged in seven chapters that represent a journey of recovery, beginning with “It’s Me O Lord,” which deals with the depths of despair, to “Free at Last,” which is self explanatory. The easy read lends itself to a similar experience on the way to healing.

“I’m trying to go to sleep, but the book is so good,” was the message Neal received from Keisha on Facebook.

Sandra Wilkins, principal of Hebbville Elementary School said, “Wow, I messed around and got blessed.”

Neal invested herself in the writing, but also her story in the book, which garnered appreciation from Valerie Johnson of Miracle Worship Center.

“Thank you for your transparency and for being real,” Johnson said. “So many of us can connect with your story. Truth be told, it’s our story also.”

The structure for the book began in 1999, and with divine inspiration, Neal was able to write it in two weeks.

“Well God created an entire universe in six days, so surely He could get a book written in two weeks,” was her response to the writer’s surprise.

But the final edition, released in October, was revised and updated and developed to include intricate parts of the ensuing journey.

In it, the reader is introduced to the Rev. Pam who’ll “fly with one wing,” rather than wait for wholeness to offer up her worship. Ultimately, the reader is invited to share the rocky path of the author, who has no qualms about telling the truth.

“And it was my son, Wendell and my daughter, Danisha, who inspired me to complete it, who offered their assistance and who give their support while I’m introducing the book,” Neal said.

The promotion of the book, conducting workshops and conferences and monthly healing and deliverance crusades are all part of Dayspring Ministries, which has been in operation for 15 years. Dr. Neal is a Baltimore native who graduated from Polytechnic Institute and pastored Dayspring Worship Center for 11 years.

For seven years she’s been married to Elder Charles Neal, with whom she likes to watch movies and spend free time along with her extended family.

For more information on the book, or to engagement ministry services contact Rev. Neal at 443-469-7577 or e-mail Healing and deliverance crusades are held at 7 p.m. every third Thursday at Miracle Worship Center, 4105 Sunnyside Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 21215.

The Rev. Dorothy S. Boulware

AFRO Editor