By The Associated Press

Nearly 100 Baltimore private school students and teachers walked out of class April 16 to show support for a Black teacher who resigned after posting a video describing her interaction with a White student.

Adrienne Knight, a middle school drama teacher at Bryn Mawr School, resigned earlier this year. The resignation came after Knight posted a YouTube video exploring the racial implications of her conversation with a student who refused to clean up a mess she made and instead told Knight to “fetch” her some cleaning materials.

News outlets reported the April 16 walkout and protest also included students at two other private schools in the city, Roland Park Country School and Gilman School. Black students at the three predominantly White schools have coordinated advocacy efforts following nationwide protests last year over racial injustice.

Bryn Mawr declined to address Knight’s resignation but issued a statement April 16 supporting students for “using their bold voices for a better world.”