Approximately 90 students from Baltimore’s Armistead Gardens Elementary School and Matthew Henson Elementary School will head to New York this weekend as part of a trip organized by the outreach group Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood.

Cameron Miles is the Founder and Executive Director of ‘Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood’.

Cameron Miles founded Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood in 1996 as a group mentoring program for boys ages 8 to 18. He said the trip is an extension of the group’s programming, which includes visits by Miles to each of the schools once a week for an hour to read to the youth in hopes of broadening their horizons.

“In order to turn around much of the carnage on our streets, chaos in the classrooms, the idea of wanting to get high and selling drugs, our youth must get more exposure,” Miles said.

The youth were scheduled to visit the New York Stock Exchange, 9/11 Memorial, and the Native American Museum on Friday.

“Too many of our youth only know their neighborhood, their street or block,” Miles said. “There are adults who grew up in East Baltimore and won’t go to West and vice versa. If our youth are exposed to life outside of Baltimore and the possibilities, just maybe they will want to strive for more, even if they are being raised by a single parent, or they are raising their siblings, or a parent is strung out on drugs or incarcerated.”