Rev. Dorothy Boulware
Managing Editor:

“I was able to purchase a girl’s year of schooling, a goat and a safely fortified house through International Rescue Committee and Heifer International, respectively, in the names of my granddaughters and great grandsons.”

Sean Yoes
Baltimore Editor:

This is a photo of my Pop’s (Delfield F. Yoes, Jr.) brand new Jeep Sahara, fully loaded! When I pulled up to his house on Christmas Eve, I didn’t know who the vehicle belonged to, but when he answered the door he informed me it belonged to him. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it was my father’s Jeep, because I hadn’t seen in some time because we’ve been estranged. I’m not going to go into the details why, because ultimately it doesn’t matter. What matters is we reconnected on Christmas Eve 2018 and it is by far the best gift I’ve received in a long, long time.