Acclaimed author Carl Weber, president of Urban Books LLC, held a book signing to share insights on his upcoming film projects and give back to the fans that have supported him over the years.

Fans gathered at Books-A-Million in Hanover, Md. on Feb. 3 to get signed autograph copies of one of Weber’s 21 books, 14 of which were New York Times bestselling novels.

“I can’t explain to you how much going back to say thank you to people for spending their hard earned money on something that I wrote means to me. The ultimate give back is to go to a book signing and let my fans understand how much I appreciate them,” Weber said.

Some of the books Weber is known for include the Family Business series, Choir Director, The Man in 3B, Married Men, The First Lady, Up to No Good, Something on the Side, among others. This book signing was just one step in his successes.

Weber is now making a big splash on the film screen.

Screen writing has now become part of Weber’s repertoire. He is currently producing screenplays for three of his bestselling novels: The Preacher’s Son, The Choir Director and recently the film adaptation of The Man in 3B, premiered as the closing film at the Pan African Film Festival on Feb. 16 in Los Angeles and it stared Billy Dee Williams, DB Woodside (Fox TV’s “24”), Lamman Rucker from Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” and “Why Did I Get Married” and Jackée Harry from “227″).

“Change in Hollywood is coming and I am slowly and maturely letting people know that I am not going away and I am making films. At some point they will understand,” Weber said.

Weber frames his success candidly as an author, screenwriter, and entrepreneur.  When asked about any regrets on his journey to success he shares some lessons learned. “A smart business person knows when to fold them. A smart business person knows when to take a different direction, and understands that failure grows character” Weber said.

“So many people lose everything because they are stubborn and don’t want to give in. For example, people are buying books on kindle. We can either provide books on kindle or not. So we started selling books on Kindle and in the Amazon Market Place,” he continued.

Weber credits his successes, lessons learned and future aspirations in film and television to some of his greatest influences including his dad; John Johnson, founder of Ebony; Michael Baisden, author and former radio personality; and Shonda​ Rhimes, writer and producer of Scandal and other television dramas.

Weber is hopeful of being a show runner one day. He said the black men who paved the way before him, as writers, have shown him anything is possible. Weber’s future hopes are to master the craft of film and television writing. 

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