Promotional clocks in honor of BET’s upcoming show “Don’t Sleep” went awry when two radio stations in Los Angeles believed the gifts were a bomb.

According to, staffers at the CBS-owned stations KNX and KFWB panicked when a beeping package arrive and called the bomb squad.

The stations suspended live local broadcasting and employees were told to evacuate their 27-story office building.

Following the debacle, it was found that the devices in question were just promotional clocks to count down the premier of BET’s upcoming show “Don’t Sleep” with T.J. Holmes.

According to the network, the late-night talk show aims to be a news program for an often underserved market–African Americans.

Holmes, 35, left CNN last December to join BET. He said his new gig allows him to speak directly to his community, something he couldn’t do before.

“I’m setting up a show to focus in, to hone in and to peak on topics and to speak to community that doesn’t have that right now, at least on TV,” Holmes told

“There’s talk radio, you can get it online, but there’s no place else you see these conversations being had. And that was important to me.”

“Don’t Sleep” premiers on BET Oct. 1.