Grace Church, led by Bishop Derek Grier, recently released its debut album, GRACE|LIVE featuring musical performances by the wildly celebrated Grace Worship Team.

GRACE|LIVE is 13 tracks of unadulterated worship. The Grace Worship Team brings listeners with them as they praise to such popular favorites as “Freedom” by Eddie James. Listeners will also be introduced to some well-known Grace Church originals like “We Honor You.” These songs are sure to take audiences to a higher and deeper worship experience.

The live recording is available for purchase on and The CD will also be available for purchase on the Grace Church website,

“We are excited because GRACE|LIVE will bless the lives of many,” said Bishop Grier, “We are a ministry that celebrates the creative arts because we know that it is another way to introduce people to the restorative power of the Gospel.

GRACE|LIVE achieves this goal through the creative excellence of Ephraim McKenzie, our Minister of Music, and the Grace Church Worship Team.”

The Grace Church Worship Team springs from a vibrant and growing church with over 50 life-changing ministries. Bishop Grier founded the church in 1998 with 12 people. It is now the spiritual home to over 4,000 members. Outreach Magazine lists Grace Church as one of the fastest growing African American churches in the nation and it is among the top 100 fastest growing of all churches in the U.S.

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