On October 18, Black October hosted its 3rd annual exclusive VIP event on the waterfront of the Frederick Douglass Maritime Museum. Hundreds arrived dressed in elegant black attire with accents of pink, ready to wine, dine and socialize.

Among the guests enjoying the party under the full moon were Herb and Deanna Brown, Doris Cole, Harry Peaker, Auvea Fortune, Berice Bogan, Everene Johnson, Gwen Wright, Reggie and Mary Haysbert, Marcy Crump, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, Karenthia Barber, City Council President “Jack” Young, Carolyn Blakeney, Zach McDaniels, City Councilwoman Sharon Middleton Green, Eric Booker, Eric Bryant, Cynthia Jackson, Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, Libby Massey, Judge Yvonne Holt Stone, Sam and Lydia Redd, Bonita and Theron Whitaker, Lynn and Calvin Drummond, Linda and Ken James, Takiea Hinton, Wanda Pearson, Leah Jones and J. Wyndal Gordon.

Entertainment was provided by DJ 5 Starr aka Kendrick Tilghman. He gave the crowd what they wanted as guests danced and spectators stood on the “outside looking in,” enjoying the beauty of the event.

Black October is an invitational party hosted by Debbie Allen, Edie Green, Brenda Baker, Stephanie Kinder, Sara Gray, Tiffany Tate, Marsha Jews and Valerie Fraling. This year’s guests were asked to make an optional donation to Blink Pink Inc. in honor of Breast Cancer. As well as showing off Baltimore’s elite venues, this spectacular annual event celebrates friendships and breast cancer survivors.

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