(Screenshot from video taken via cell phone)

A 12-year-old Black girl is claiming that police used excessive force against her and others during a scuffle at a neighborhood pool on June 9.

Krystal Dixon dropped off eight children at the Fairfield Aquatic Center in Fairfield, Ohio, but was called back when one of the children was denied access because he lacked proper swimming attire. Police responded to the scene. But what happened next is in dispute. Ultimately, however, the adult sisters along with the 12-year-old and a 15-year-old were arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The women were arraigned in court June 17. Both pleaded not guilty.

Attorney Clyde Bennett, who is representing both adults, believes a video that was recorded of the whole incident will work in their favor.

“If you look at that video, everything you need to know about whether or not she committed a crime of resisting arrest or disorderly conduct is right there in that video, from the time she arrives at the aquatic center to the time that she’s arrested,” Bennett told NBC affiliate WLWT5.

Fairfield Police Chief Michael J. Dickey, however, claims the video will work on the police officers’ behalf and show they acted appropriately.

“All they are trying to do is calm everyone down,” Dickey said according to Cincinnati.com.  “It’s just business.”

The 12-year-old that was involved in the altercation with police suffered a broken jaw and several bruised ribs after being slammed into a squad car, according to NewsOne. And pepper spray was used on at least one of the teenagers.

Both women are will be back in court July 8 for a pretrial hearing.