CEO Austin Webster and former Motown Records Executive Darrell Thompson. (Courtesy Photo)
(Courtesy Photo)

By Kai McDaniel
Special to the AFRO

These co-founders are shaking up the music tech industry. CEO Austin Webster and former Motown Records Executive Darrell Thompson have launched Deepr®, an Atlanta-based startup and music discovery app, that makes searching through endless catalogs of music a thing of the past. Deepr® presents a platform for users to create, import, and share unique customized playlists based on the creators behind the songs they love. 

Known as “Shazam on steroids,” the Deepr® app utilizes audio recognition and manual search inputs to provide everything you could know about who was involved in making the songs you enjoy. The app shares the full interactive data behind the music: listing songwriters, producers, featured artists, background singers, samples, and more. A consumer can easily go deeper and click on any of the creator’s names and direct Deepr® to generate a playlist in seconds based on their selections. Apple Music, Spotify Premium, and YouTube users can quickly sync their accounts to explore their new discoveries with Deepr’s simple, clean, and user-friendly interface

Founders, Austin Webster and Darrell Thompson created a unique experience that attracts both users and tastemakers in the music industry. Singer and songwriter, Eric Bellinger recently shared, “Luckily now we have @deeprmusic the app that allows you to create playlists based on your favorite songwriters & producers discography!” 

Deepr® has a firm footing in the music industry due to the vast experience of its founders. Darrell Thompson brings over 30 years of experience to Deepr’s leadership. He began his career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles. As Director of Business and Legal Affairs at Motown Records, his current and former clients include Jay Z, The Black Eyed Peas, En Vogue, and more. Austin Webster brings 13 years of experience in industrial design, as well as product and software development for various Fortune 500 companies to Deepr®. Their team’s experience in design, product, and app development, led them to create an experience that always takes you Deepr® into any song that catches your ear. They also count two of the world’s superproducers and artists, Dallas Austin and Teddy Riley, as their advisors.

Deepr® wants to remedy the lack of resources available to help frustrated music-loving consumers interact with the music that moves them more easily. To date, the start-up has raised $300k in pre-seed funding and seeks $1.7m to spur further growth. Together, Founders Darrell Thompson and Austin Webster want to give music lovers a new way to collect and discover songs, and new ways for those who make the music to get the attention, respect, and credit they deserve.

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