A Black news reporter from Seattle is receiving recognition after he rescued a White supremacist from a street fight which broke out as the reporter prepared for a television recording.

According to ABC’s Seattle affiliate KOMO, Shomari Stone, a reporter for the news station, jumped into a fight that broke out at Seattle’s Victor Steinbrueck Park while he was filming a news report. His cameraman recorded the scuffle, which involved a total of four men.

One of the fighters, a Black male, pushed a White man to the ground and began punching him. The other men involved appeared to be taunting each other.

“I didn’t want to jump in, but when the suspect just constantly pounding the victim while he was lying on the ground against the concrete, instinct just snapped in,” Stone told KOMO.

After the so called “suspect” hit the victim several times, Stone ran over to the scene and separated the men.

“You’re going to hurt him,” Stone told the suspect after he broke up the scuffle.

“He’s trying to rob us,” the suspect replied.

After Stone and other spectators broke up the fight, the so called “suspect” walked off and angrily exchanged expletives with the other men involved.

After authorities arrived, they questioned the victim and noticed his arms were covered in Swastikas. They then told Stone that the victim may be a White supremacist.

“He thanked me and I said to him to remember to judge a man by his character and not the color of his skin,” Stone told KOMO.

Gossip Web site Mediatakeout.com posted the video of the incident, and criticized Stone for going “above and beyond” to help a White supremacist. But Dr. Boyce Watkins, commentator for Blackvoices.com, lauded him for his actions.

“One has to respect Shomari for taking the high road and remaining decent when he would have justified in behaving otherwise,” Watkins wrote on the Web site. “Perhaps he reflects a breed of journalists who realizes that rather than simply recording the news, we can all play a role in creating it.”