Port Covington is a once-in-a-generation deal, and BUILD is working to make sure that this ‘city within a city’ works to benefit ALL of Baltimore. BUILD retained the top fiscal impact expert in the country to review the TIF application, and we found cause for serious concern: underestimated costs, only the most optimistic projections, and a disturbing lack of basic information like a market analysis.  

Sagamore Development and City Council President Jack Young want to fast track this deal–complete with the biggest TIF in Maryland history, and one of the biggest in the United States. Before the city puts itself on the hook for $660 million over 41 years, we say: Slow down. Check the numbers. Be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, and make this a deal that helps to build ONE Baltimore.  


We are calling on BUILD members to call council president Jack Young AND their councilperson today, and ask them to vote NO to the Port Covington TIF until:

  1. An independent analysis has been completed.
  2. Sagamore commits to the citywide benefits outlined by BUILD (profit-sharing, investment in neighborhoods and affordable housing, 51% local hiring, and holding education funding harmless).


The city council’s budget, taxation, and development committee will hold its first hearing on the deal next Wednesday, July 27th. Because council president Young is moving to accelerate the TIF legislation, this may be the only committee hearing that is held on Port Covington. We must be present in strong numbers to send a message to the council. Please contact your organizer or buildiaf@verizon.net if you are planning on attending. We will assemble in front of War Memorial at 4:15 PM (101 N. Gay St.). Reminder: Please bring photo id.  

Thank you for acting to BUILD One Baltimore! 

To find your city council representative, use this website. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen, and enter your address. Once it’s located your address, click on the tab that says ‘Elected Officials’ and scroll to the right to find your council district. 

City council members and phone numbers: 

Council President Young: 410-396-4804

District 1: Jim Kraft, 410-396-4821

District 2: Brandon Scott, 410-396-4808

District 3: Robert Curran, 410-396-4812

District 4: Bill Henry, 410-396-4830

District 5: Rikki Spector, 410-396-4819

District 6: Sharon Green Middleton, 410-396-4832

District 7: Nick Mosby, 410-396-4810

District 8: Helen Holton, 410-396-4818

District 9: Pete Welch, 410-396-4815

District 10: Edward Reisinger, 410-396-4822

District 11: Eric Costello, 410-396-4816

District 12: Carl Stokes, 410-396-4811

District 13: Warren Branch, 410-396-4829

District 14: Mary Pat Clarke, 410-396-4814


2439 Maryland Ave

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