Police are investigating the role of bullying in what they are calling the suicide of a 10-year-old girl from Chadbourn, N.C. who they say hanged herself.

According to North Carolina’s NBC affiliate WECT, Jasmine McClain’s body was discovered by her mother, Samantha West, in the family home on Nov. 14.

West explained that other parents have said that her daughter was ridiculed for not wearing the latest fashion trends. Authorities are investigating the alleged assertions.

“She had anything she wanted,” West told WECT. “She may not have the best in the world, but she had what she wanted and what she needed.”

Police Chief Steven Shaw also told North Carolina’s CBS affiliate WRAL that he discovered Facebook posts from students who said McClain had been routinely bullied in school.

“There have been a lot of issues that we’ve discovered in different places,” Shaw told the station. “I don’t think there’s going to be one contributing factor. There’s going to be several.”

Chadbourn Elementary School Principal Deanna Shuman explained that the school is working with authorities and conducting its own investigation. The school’s superintendent also said that staffers are trained to spot bullying and are urged to alert authorities if telltale signs of bullying surface among students.

Meanwhile, West remains stunned and said that she “doesn’t understand.”
“I’m just lost,” she told WECT. “I just don’t understand how kids can be that mean and hateful.”

McClain’s grandmother, who also lived with her, said the girl didn’t show any signs of depression and was in her typical playful mood prior to her death. Still, she insists that her granddaughter was a victim of bullying.

North Carolina introduced two anti-bullying laws two years ago. The first makes online bullying a misdemeanor offense, while the other forces local schools to enact anti-bullying policies without revealing the specific punishment for offenders.

Authorities said it’s too early to determine whether anyone will be charged.