Alison Velez Lane

By Alison Velez Lane

Children today deserve an education which prepares them with critical thinking, comprehensive learning and compassionate interacting skills. My morning spent with entering students at my alma mater, Western High School, in Baltimore, Md. enlightened my mind, encouraged my heart and equipped my leadership consulting tool box. The creative and intuitive educational consultant engaged the girls in a values clarification exercise as they began their educational journey at the oldest all-girls public school in the United States. A two day orientation program introduced the girls to thinking and acting skills.

After a limited round of negative television commentaries, I routinely change the channel to Center for Public Broadcasting , PBS Kids children’s program which introduces preschoolers to similar topics and skills. My ears are pleased to watch episodes about empathy on “Daniel Craig’s Neighborhood;” creative problem solving on “Molly from Denali,” decision making on “Alma’s Way” and teamwork on “Hero Elementary School.” PBS Kids offers educational exposure and experience to children via animated characters of diverse backgrounds.

Alison Velez Lane’s first written contribution to the Baltimore Afro was a press release about the 1978 National NAACP PUSH Convention. WJZ TV news reporter Oprah Winfrey covered the assignment at 19th Street Baptist Church in Washington, DC. Alison’s professional career has included private law practice, political campaign consulting, leadership coaching, church development training and nonprofit organization development.

Bullying, friendship, respecting elders and self care are integral ongoing themes of my early morning children’s television viewing.

I believe that Dr. King would applaud the content of these two examples of “intelligence plus character.”

Alison Velez Lane is a juris doctor. 

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