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NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. (Photo courtesy of

NBA Hall of Famer and analyst Charles Barkley plans to donate a total of $3 million to three different causes and institutions, he said in early June.

Barkley plans to give $1 million to his alma mater, Auburn University; another $1 million to the Morehouse College sports journalism program; and an additional $1 million to the Wounded Warrior Project, according to The Washington Post.

In a statement announcing Barkley’s donation, Morehouse said the gift would support its Journalism and Sports Program, which was initiated in 2007. According to the college, while 65 percent of professional football players and 80 percent of professional basketball players are Black, only 8 percent of newspaper sports journalists are African-American.

The Post reported that Barkley has struck up a close friendship with Iraq War veteran Chris Pfeifer, who lost his leg in that conflict.

Barkley recently signed a new contract with TNT’s popular “Inside the NBA” which will keep him on the show for the next eight to 10 years, according to the Alabama Media Group.