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Perry Hopkins is lighting a fuse and seeing what happens this Valentine’s Day he tells the AFRO.

Whether you’ve been planning for weeks or just remembering now that you saw the headline (oh man, you’re in trouble), Valentine’s Day is upon us… a day to celebrate love in all its forms.  Baltimoreans the city over have made their preparations and a number of them have shared those plans with the AFRO.

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Melissa is heading off to the Royal Farms Arena to see Katt Williams this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Perry Hopkins says that he will be meeting with an old friend for “some soft conversation a hot meal at an all you can eat place.”

Hopkins says that he has known this particular friend for six years. “We’re getting reacquainted,” he said. “Light thefuse and see what happens.”

One young woman who gave the name “Melissa” says she will be off to the Royal Farms Arena this weekend. “I’m supposed to go see the Katt Williams show,” said the coy Melissa, who added she would be attending with her “significant other.”

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Jaylan Jennings has set his eyes on some NBA All-Star festivities this weekend in New York.

Jaylan Jennings set his sights pretty high, telling the AFRO he is heading with his girlfriend and mother of his child to New York for the NBA All-Star Weekend.  “She’s happy,” said a grinning Jennings.

Not everyone will be spending Valentine’s with a certain somebody, but that does not mean that there is no room to dosomething special.

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Peaches Lloyd is taking the occasion to treat herself this Valentine’s Day.

“I’m treating myself for Valentine’s day,” said Peaches Lloyd.  “I’m getting my hair done, making myself look pretty and I’m going to the movies . . . because I want to love on me; I just want to love me tomorrow.”