1-year-old Journee being held by her father Cornelius Jones.

The Illinois Department of Family and Child Services is investigating a Chicago daycare after a 1-year-old girl was left alone in a locked building on Oct. 19.

According to Fox 32, Cornelius Jones arrived at All Things Are Possible Daycare For Kids to pick up his daughter, Journee 15 minutes before the center’s closing time and noticed the door was locked. Jones did everything from call, knock on the door, ring on the doorbell and even e-mail the center’s administrators, but still got no answers.

“I was terrified and I was also hurt because I knew she was in there in the dark and I couldn’t get to her,” Jones told the television station.

Jones called 9-1-1, and firefighters had to break open the door to enter the center, where they found Journee crying in the dark.

“I was wondering, ‘Where is she? Where is she?’ I hear her, but I couldn’t see her. And one of the police officers flashed a light to the left and flashed it back to the right and that’s when I saw her crawling towards us screaming and my heart just dropped,” Jones told Fox 32.

According to the DCFS, the daycare facility has not been a problem facility before, Fox 32 reported, but after the story came out another man claimed he had to remove his child from the building several months ago.

The director of the daycare facility has apologized to the family and said the mix-up happened because they had mistaken Journee for a doll.

“She told me that they thought Journee was a doll, but she’s not that little to be a doll, so it’s some excuses,” Journee’s mother, Quanesha Borum, told the station.

Jones said he thinks the center should be closed and has since removed his daughter from the facility.