Article12 Nia and Royalty Guzman

Nia Guzman with Royalty, her daughter with singer Chris Brown. (Instagram)

Nia Guzman, the mother of singer Chris Brown’s 2-year-old daughter Royalty, questioned Brown’s parenting skills in a recent interview with

“ always knew about her, he just wasn’t ready to deal with the situation. But, it’s been quite the experience. I can’t say anything positive about it… at all. Nothing positive,” Guzman told the publication.

Guzman also commented about Brown’s expensive lifestyle by comparing the two environments that Royalty will be in with both of her parents. “I’m not a millionaire like daddy, so of course it is going to be regular on my side. It’s just going to take a lot of talking and just getting her to know right from right and wrong from wrong, and not be some spoiled little rich kid out here just thinking that the world is hers and she can do whatever she wants,” Guzman said.

Brown lost no time responding, commenting on Guzman’s interview via Instagram on May 27.

According to a screen capture by BallerAlert, Brown wrote, “You lost the case and wanna be petty! I AINT FINNA EVEN TRIP OF NOTHING SHE GONE SAY, DO ETC.. Can anyone tell me where this woman works? Can anyone show proof of ownership on anything thing! I take care of damn near everyone in my life and I know I DO AMAZING WITH MY DAUGHTER! Just LIKE IM PAYING FOR The BDAY PARTY YOU ARE THROWING!! 30K!!! Honestly act your age.. That’s damn near 15 years older than me!”

The two have been going back and forth over parenting of Royalty with Brown recently taking issue with how the child was dressed for a ballet class and Guzman accusing Brown of giving Royalty asthma by exposing her to copious amounts of marijuana smoke.