By Jessica Dortch
AFRO News Editor

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was an Amazon Kindle tablet. Now, this may not seem like a major gift, but for an avid reader like myself, it was perfect. Although I love the touch and feel of a hardback book, I wanted to go digital and change with the times. 

My mother was the angel who saw fit to purchase something that came to mean so much to me. I didn’t know the extent of its capabilities, besides the fact that I could enjoy a good read on the go. I was unaware that the kindle was an actual tablet. I didn’t think much of it then until I really started using it. I figured out that it came with apps, including a camera, and I could download any apps that I wanted. The opportunities seemed endless with this little thing! I got a really cute pink case that went with it, too. 

Obviously, I downloaded apps like Netflix, Showbox, Hulu and Xfinity Mobile and was very pleased that I could not only read, but watch on the go, too. It was a game changer! 

About a week later, on New Year’s Day, I moved into my first apartment with my sister. We literally had nothing but the clothes on our backs and in the bins that we brought. We definitely didn’t have a TV, but we had just connected our wifi. 

I created a makeshift TV stand by flipping over an old box, and my sister and I would crowd around my Amazon Kindle tablet in the empty room of our empty apartment and indulge ourselves through the tiny screen. We were happy and we were home.