There are no eligible Black single men for Black women, according to author Cicely Johnson and her newest release explains why.

Black men Vs. White Men: The Black Women’s Choice was released in September and is sure to stir a bit of controversy.

In the book, Johnson examines Black relationships and says that these days, there are virtually no Black potential suitors for African-American females.

“More and more women are opting to have children out of wedlock and rear their offspring alone because there are no available men out there who are willing to make families anymore,” she said in a statement. “The numbers are astronomical. The fact still remains that more and more Black men are getting arrested than getting degrees. This further slims down the pickings for Black women.”

The California-based author adds that Black males’ “multiple baby mamas and unmet responsibilities” are driving Black women to procreate outside of their race.

“Women want to feel special, not part of a harem,” she said in a statement.

The book was coauthored by Marlon Green, who countered many of Johnson’s claims. According to California’s Vallejo Times Herald newspaper, Green rebuts with chapters like “The Black Man’s Rebuttal” and “Who Says Black Men Are Not Faithful?”

“We have a lot of disagreements,” Johnson told the Herald. “We respectively agreed to disagree on a lot of points. We’re friends to this day.”

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