Sponsored by Coppin State University

Military service and transitioning to civilian life can be a journey filled with challenges as well as opportunities for service man and women to transfer the skills and experiences gained during military service into tools and perspectives that will allow them to excel in dynamic careers in a diverse, global workforce.

Universities play an important role in this journey, serving as a bridge between military service and civilian life. Coppin State University recognizes the importance of supporting veterans and military-connected members of our community. Therefore, we provide our military- connected students, including veterans, their children, and spouses, access to resources, programming and opportunities that recognize the unique perspectives they bring to the classroom, as well as help them to navigate campus life for a meaningful university experience. The Military-Connected Student Support Services Office is one such resource. It is located inside of the Eagle Achievement Center, a one-stop-shop for student support services on campus. Through the EAC, there are opportunities for academic advising, tutoring, and career counseling, with some of our military-connected students acting as academic success tutors, and engaging in mentorship and coaching opportunities with our corporate partners and alumni.

Our Counseling Center is also available for those working through mental health struggles, and is connected with organizations like the National Alliance for Mental Illness, and 988, which also operates the Military Crisis Line.

Coppin State works to promote learning in all its forms, and supports the holistic development of military members, their children, and spouses. Coppin State recently announced the Expand Eagle Nation Initiative that allows residents of 40 U.S. states and territories to pay in-state tuition if they choose to enroll here at Coppin State. Our close proximity to several military installations, including Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Detrick, and Joint Base Andrews and our commitment to remaining the most affordable university in Maryland, makes Coppin State a great educational option for members, their children, and spouses. In-state tuition is just one of the ways we support members of the military. We also offer scholarships through the ROTC and flexibility through the military science degree program, which recognizes military-related, and previous military experience to allow students to graduate on time.

Veterans bring a wealth of experience, discipline, leadership, and diverse skills to their communities. Our military-connected students deserve to build upon their existing skills and acquire new knowledge that can lead to successful careers and fulfilling lives. As an anchor institution for Baltimore, and the state of Maryland, Coppin State University is committed to the holistic development and success of all our students and helping bridge the gap for those who place service to others above themselves. Fostering access to higher education, eliminating barriers, and providing a supportive environment is the very least we can do to honor the acrifice of those individuals and their families.