Pastor Zina Pierre

In this complex world, it’s not uncommon for young African-American males to die by acts of violence, police brutality, or black on black crime, according to news reports.

In society, we often also hear about the many women seeking answers to some of life’s most difficult challenges, such as how to feed their children on one income.

More than 100 men and women recently convened at the National Gaylord Hotel in Oxon Hill, Md. for the first annual “Breaking Room Empowerment Conference,” Aug. 28 to Aug. 30.

The Empowerment Conference was led by the Rev. Zina Pierre, associate pastor of Temple of Praise Church in Southeast D.C.

Rev. Pierre is the founder of Breaking Room, a virtual ministry with more than 1,200 online members.  The ministry is only eight months old and began in January 2014.

The conference was designed to specifically and strategically break down the personal strongholds that people encounter by teaching them how to pray and seek God for answers.

Participants of the conference convened in various workshops and panel discussions, over the three day conference, to learn how to break the negative cycles in their life. There were over one dozen workshops that ranged from how to handle stress to how to maintain a balanced spiritual life.

Attendees walked away from the conference empowered, and better equipped to tackle everyday challenges. “Words cannot express the divine encounter I experienced at the conference. My life will never be the same,” said Kalima Wills, who travelled from Harlem, N.Y. to attend the conference.

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