Current FBI Headquarters in disrepair, seeks new location.

Prince Georges County residents and officials are very excited about the possibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigations moving to Greenbelt or Landover. The county has long awaited big developments that equal those in Montgomery or Fairfax counties. “For too long Prince George’s County has been redlined, sidelined, overlooked, and unvalued,” Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski noted in a news

She is not alone. David Harrington, president of the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce said, “P.G. County is sandwiched between two booming giants; D.C. and Montgomery County, and as a county, we have strived to maintain competitiveness.”

Harrington is optimistic about the future of the county. “Attracting big development to the county has been difficult,” Harrington said. “But historically, it has also been difficult for small businesses in the county to receive loans.”

“There seems to be a new interest in P.G. County,” said Greenbelt resident Charonda Parker.

“Greenbelt already has NASA Goddard, so the FBI Headquarters would fit right in as a government agency.”

Recently the county has boomed with new developments including The National Harbor, which generates major economic growth for the county and create jobs. According to Lanham resident Andre Williams, “There are no cons to the headquarters coming here.”

“For a long time, we haven’t had any major attractions, or for that matter, decent grocery stores in the county. I bet the FBI employees will bring some good restaurants here along with them!” Williams said.

It is hard to find county residents with anything negative to say about the potential new home of the FBI Headquarters. “Moving the FBI to Landover would be ideal,” said Landover resident Antoine Williams. “It will show Landover is an attractive place to work. It will also pave the way for new development of new communities, shopping centers and restaurants.”

Whether in Greenbelt or Landover, Chamber of Commerce President David Harrington says he would be satisfied with either location, as long as the headquarters comes to the county. He and others are ecstatic about the future of Prince George’s County including a state-of-the-art FBI headquarters facility that attracts positive economic change.