A crowd of workers and activists will be in Washington, D.C., April 29, to protest the annual convention of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) at 5 p.m., in front of the Ronald Reagan International Convention Center located at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.

The purpose of the protest, organized by the Baltimore Workers Assembly, is to keep up the pressure for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 dollars and hour, and to expose the NRA’s role in trying to prevent any increase.

The protest will take place while the NRA is holding an awards banquet.

The National Restaurant Association’s conference this year is devoted to lobbying and strategizing against any efforts to raise restaurant workers or any other low-paid workers.

The NRA is the principle organizer and financer of the anti-minimum wage increase battle both in Washington DC and in state capitals.

Sharon Black, leader of the Baltimore “We Deserve Better” Workers Assembly, said, “The restaurant industry executives that dominate the RNA have assumed more responsibility than just about anyone else for waging a war against low-paid workers — and they should not be able to meet in peace…”

Ms. Black continued, “We think that the reason The NRA is meeting in the Ronald Reagan International Convention Center, a federal building, is because they’re so hated they felt that their conference needed the extra protection that they’ll get from the government because of the venue.”

The Rev. Grayland Hagler will also participate in the protest, along with members of the Restaurants Opportunity Center, United Workers of D.C., and Occupy D.C.
The Baltimore Workers Assembly is a newly formed low-wage workers and activists’ alliance working to win a $15 minimum wage and a union in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. area.