(June 19, 2013) SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP–Updated 6/21/2013) — Celebrity cook Paula Deen says she has used racial slurs in the past but insists she and her brother, who are accused of racial and sexual discrimination in a lawsuit by a former manager of their restaurant, don't tolerate hateful behavior.

In a court deposition filed Monday in federal court, an attorney for former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson presses the 66-year-old Deen about her racial views and those of her brother, Bubba Hiers. Deen is asked if she's ever used "the N-word."

She responds: "Yes, of course."

Deen says she likely used the slur in the 1980s after a Black man held her at gunpoint at the Georgia bank where she worked.

Deen insists she and her brother object to slurs being used in "any cruel or mean behavior."

On June 21, Food Network announced that it would not renew Paula Deen's contract after her admission she used racial slurs.

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