Three design concepts were unveiled June 23 for a park in Seattle, Wash. to commemorate rock and roll legend and native son Jimi Hendrix.

According to the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, the 5.8 acre park is being developed by landscape architect Murase Associates. Created in memory of the late rocker who was a Seattle native, the park will have butterfly, guitar and spiral flower themes and will be located in the city’s central district.

A final design concept will be unveiled on Aug 10.

The development of the new landmark to augment the existing site where a statue of the iconic musician currently resides is being spearheaded by a group called the Friends of Jimi Hendrix, who say the park will “beautify Seattle, motivate youth and others to achieve in music and art, and strengthen the cultural pulse of the Emerald City,” according to their website.

The group called for $1 million to fund the construction and wanted the money to come from taxes. But park a organizer told Seattle’s KOMO News in 2010 that the funds would come from levies that already existed.

Still, upon the announcement of the park’s initial development phases, some disagreed with its construction.

“I’m against it,” Lyn Coffin, a local resident told KOMO back in 2010. “You know-health care-I want money for health care.”

KOMO reported last year that the park could ultimately be unveiled in 2012.