Director David Sommerville

Model, actor and director David K. Sommerville is prepping for his directorial debut, a short film he wrote and developed titled, Indoctrination. The film challenges its audience to take a strong look at their values and ask whether they are personal commitments or simply personal inheritances, and Sommerville is currently raising funds for the project via an online campaign, in anticipation of the film beginning production in Annapolis on March 31.

Indoctrination follows life consultant Damien King, who uses his angelic persona to manipulate Laura Rose, whom Sommerville describes as a virtuous but naive woman, to give into her secular desires.

“ attempts to strip away, layer by layer, her self-identity and her belief system in his hopes of making it easier to exploit her,” said Sommerville.

“I realize that a lot of us, we have values that we believe belong to us by choice, when actually our values by inheritance,” continued Sommerville. “I believe that we’re conditioned to go through our entire lives without questioning, nor examining anything that we’re taught, making us duplicates of the ones that we love and trust. . . . If we just go through our entire lives without questioning anything, to verify the things we’re taught, how can we say our thoughts belong to us?”

Sommerville, who began his entertainment career as a model, had his television acting debut in 2010 film I Married the Beltway Sniper, which aired on MSNBC. Sommerville played the role of Lee Boyd Malvo in the film, and met actor Michael K. Williams (of “Omar from ‘The Wire’” fame), who served as a mentor, even connecting him with acting coach Melvin Williams, who has worked with Queen Latifah and Common, said Sommerville.

Sommerville also wrote and starred in the 2014 film Disillusion. He is now looking to direct a feature-length version of Indoctrination, and has courted interested investors, but because they desired creative control, Sommerville is turning to the public to help raise funds for a short version of the film, which he hopes will open doors and attract investors who will allow him to direct the feature version and retain creative control of the project he initiated.

Sommerville has created a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $2,550 that will partially fund the film (Sommerville is using his own funds as well). The campaign went live on Feb. 3 and has raised approximately half of the total goal in three weeks.

“I’m just grateful for any help that I can actually get from the public to bring this vision to life,” said Sommerville. “I think people are going to really like the film; it has meaningful and compelling material, and I believe people will be interested in seeing it.  I just want to take people to a new level of consciousness in relation to their values, their beliefs, and individuality.” (