Sheila Dixon (Courtesy Photo)

Sheila Dixon, candidate for mayor of Baltimore, on Nov. 24 called for calm ahead of the upcoming trial of William Porter.

Porter is one of the six police officers facing numerous charges in the death of Freddie Gray earlier this year. His trial is set to begin ion Nov. 30 in front of Judge Barry Williams.

“I know there is a lot of hurt and pain concerning the tragic death of Freddie Gray. I also know there is a lack of faith and distrust over the legal process, but it’s a process that must be allowed to play out in the court of law. I am asking all residents to be respectful of the trial that begins on November 30th, and if you feel the need to protest during the trial to do so respectfully and peacefully,” Dixon said in a statement. Dixon was previously the 48th mayor of Baltimore. (Freddie Gray Jury will be Anonymous, not Sequestered, page D2)