D.C. collected a total of $976, 341 in revenue within the first month of the DMV Ticket Amnesty Program, which started Aug. 1 and continues through Jan. 27, 2012.

The program was launched to collect photo-enforced, moving violation and parking tickets in the District issued before Jan. 1, 2000. Under the amnesty, penalties are waived and only the original fee is due.

“We encourage all citizens to take advantage of this program and satisfy their old debts to DMV,” said Lucinda Babers, director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. “The fastest and most efficient way to pay amnesty tickets is online,” at dmv.dc.gov.

Mayor Vincent Gray (D) has said he expects the city to collect $6.3 million by the end of the program. Before the amnesty was introduced, there were 4 million outstanding tickets valued at $245.7 million.

Registered Maryland drivers owed the most and recently paid $475,360 to cover 8,746 tickets. D.C. drivers paid 5,009 tickets with $282,021 for 5,009 tickets and Virginia motorists paid $155,438 for 3,027 tickets.

A payment plans is available for those with multiple tickets and no points will be assessed on moving-violation tickets.

All collected money goes to the D.C. Treasury, according to Sylvia Ballinger, communications director for the DMV. 


Erica Butler

AFRO Staff Writer