The Love Groove Music Festival’s first-ever Women Artist Showcase will take place virtually on March 5 at 8 p.m.

By AFRO Staff

The Love Groove Music Festival will launch its first Virtual Women Artist Showcase featuring eight of Baltimore’s youngest female artists, across eight music genres on March 5 at 8 p.m. Each artist will take the virtual stage to showcase their craft for a night of enchanting entertainment. 

This will be the festival’s fourth event featuring some of Baltimore’s best young artists. Twenty-one-year-old, founder and musician John Tyler started the business at 17-years old while attending Baltimore Design School. At that time, there were few opportunities in Baltimore for young artists to perform on a stage. Now embarking on the fourth Event, John wanted to focus on young women artists. “As an artist myself, I see the hard work and passion that women put into their craft that doesn’t get recognized! There’s no reason why there isn’t a platform for young Baltimore women of all genres of music to express themselves,” Tyler said. 

Tyler plans to host a women’s festival annually and the fifth event for all artists this summer. He is also collaborating with local artists’ friends to showcase photography, videography, live streaming, graphic designing and virtual set designing.

“It’s time to put Baltimore on the map and change the narrative of the music scene in the city!   Because of the excitement for this event, Love Groove Music Festival plans to host a women’s showcase annually (in the Spring) along with the traditional Love Groove Music Show (for men and women) in August.” Since March is National Women’s Month, partial proceeds will go to the Artists’ Fund and Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Research. For more information visit