Trena Taylor-Brown never imagined that a whimsical move on her laptop would catapault her to the Ellen Show. Not one to usually do such a thing, she was shocked to learn she’d been chosen as a grand prize winner for the 11th of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giving that has become the show’s Christmas tradition.

“From the moment you enter the Warner Brothers lot, the enthusiasm is in the air. People were lined up in a zigzag maze, but the winners had reserved seating…thank goodness,” Taylor-Brown told the AFRO. “Since it was the 11th day of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giving, many people were just hanging out in hopes of getting in. This was a very hot ticket!”

She said the audience warm-up guy got people up on stage to show off their moves for the dance off.

“No, I didn’t have any moves to show, but enjoyed watching, and by this time, everyone is standing up, really dancing,” Taylor-Brown said. “By the time Ellen comes on about 15 minutes later, the audience is really ready to have fun. She does her monologue and her traditional dance up the steps…I think it was to the Emotions… The Best of my love. The show started with the winner of the dance off, and before you knew it, Anne Hathaway talking about Les Miz, and Cee Lo playing a few tunes from his Christmas album….and then it was over!”

She said it was the fastest hour ever.

“We were there on a day that was just perfect for me as all of the gifts were electronic. And yes, I was screaming and laughing and jumping up and down just like the other people in the studio! It was all part of the fun.”

That night they went to Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills for dinner.

“When we got out of the limo, the paparazzi had their cameras aimed at the car.

They were SOOOOO disappointed that we were not stars. I just laughed and laughed,” she said. “Dinner was delightful and a perfect end to the whirlwind and excitement of the day. So back to Baltimore we came.”