Renowned R&B singer Etta James recently announced that her forthcoming album will mark the end of her 50-year-career.

According to United Press International, the 73-year-old has faced a bevy of health issues including leukemia over the past year and said that her album “The Dreamer” will signal her retirement. According to EUR Web, she was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009.

The new album, set to be released on Oct. 25, will feature new renditions of tracks made famous by Ray Charles, Guns N Roses and Otis Redding. Following the album’s release, she says that she will concentrate on her health.

“I wish to thank all my fans who have shown me love and support over all these years. I love you all,” she said in a statement.

James skyrocketed to stardom in the 1960s with the ballads “All I Could Do is Cry,” “Trust in Me,” and her signature song “At Last,” according to Amid personal and professional issues, she earned a Grammy nomination in 1973 for her album “Etta James.”

In 2008, James’ life was spotlighted in the film “Cadillac Records.” Singer Beyoncé portrayed James and recorded her own version of “At Last” for the film’s soundtrack.